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Hollow Hound Arts

A VHS cassette sits on a pile of loose tape. The faded label has the word Ouroboros on top of a snake eating it’s own tail.

For centuries weary wanderers have visited the ‘Shrine of the Ouroboros’ to trade their stories for a new beginning.

The Ouroboros must now recall which memories are their own and which were told to them by others.

What story would you tell the Ouroboros?

VENUE 5: SKAM Satellite Studio

849 Fort Street   Victoria, BC

Tuesday AUG 30     6:00 PM

Wednesday AUG 31     8:00 PM

Friday SEPT 02     7:30 PM

Saturday SEPT 03     4:15 PM

Sunday SEPT 04     6:45 PM

Advance Tickets Only

All Seats $11

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Logan Swain – Creator & Designer

Conor Farrell – Creator & Designer

Lahna Lampson – Facilitator

Brianna de Jong – Stage manager

Christian Tervo – Set & Props Construction

Alicia Shalapata – Scenic Painter


Kaelan Bain

Kendra Bidwell

Lynnéa Chan

Andrew Shepherd